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Creative Core

We Believe In...


"22nd Century" Learning

Let's face it, we're almost a quarter century into the 21st Century already. It's time to look ahead and build schools that build bridges to the 22nd Century and beyond. The virtual universe is expanding -- and it's vast-er and faster than we ever imagined! The students we teach today will become the educators, the innovators, the problem-solvers to lead the next generation into the next century. The habits of mind we model for, and instill in, our students will make or break their chances for a sustainable, healthy future--into the 22nd Century and beyond. The Creative Core works with faculty and administration to shift and grow their own habits of mind  so they can better meet the rapidly-evolving needs of their students. 


(PB)2 (Place-Based, Project-Based Learning)

Our patented model of school-community integrated Project-Based Learning takes educator cohorts through a sophisticated year-long process to help them feel the power of REAL student-centered Project Based Learning. At The Creative Core, we believe all PBL should be student-driven, culturally appropriate, and geographically relevant. We know that PBL can often feel hollow and forced, or  seem to lack rigor and depth. Student presentations may seem polished but lack passion. We build and support projects that create lasting relationships between school and community. We ensure students and teachers see real world results by the end of each semester. Creative Core inspired projects are always interdisciplinary, common-core aligned, deeply collaborative and academically vigorous. 


Literacy and Social Emotional Learning

At Creative Core, we know this for sure: 

Literacy. Always. Comes. First. 

We also know that when schools invest in, and commit to, fully vetted, state-of-the-art literacy programs, every student can and will  read and write at or above grade level. We expect nothing less. Our partnerships with educational powerhouses like Heinemann and Center for the Collaborative Classroom make it easy for our schools to pilot, adopt and integrate the very best literacy curriculum into their comprehensive school transformation plans. Everything fits together. Every student succeeds.  The Creative Core helps schools select the most effective curricula for the unique needs of their students, and we provide customized professional learning to ensure all teachers feel confident, comfortable, and ready to roll! The Creative Core supports Social/Emotional learning at the classroom and site level. Students learn best when they feel safe, valued, loved, and supported. Every program we endorse or create places students' social and emotional well-being  at the center of every academic endeavor.